Cache River, Wapanocca NWRs to Undergo Expansions

JONESBORO, AR - U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln this afternoon announced that the Migratory Bird Conservation Commission has approved the purchase of lands in Arkansas that will expand both the Cache River National Wildlife Refuge in northeast Arkansas, and the Wapanocca NWR in Crittenden County.

The Cache River NWR will be expanded by 1,140 acres.  The acquisition will enhance ecosystem management efforts and continue the restoration of the hydrologic functions of the Bayou DeView watershed.  The expansion will also facilitate the restoration of a contiguous corridor of bottomland hardwood forests, an important component of the biological diversity historically found in the floodplain of the Bayou DeView.

The Wapanocca NWR, approved in 1960, will be expanded by 141 acres.  The refuge is strategically located in the heart of the Mississippi Flyway.  Its diverse habitat is a prime wintering area for several migratory waterfowl species, including Mallard ducks and Canada geese.