Ticket Prices Drawing Attention

October 12, 2007 - Posted at 2:48 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO-"Hannah Montana is huge. I have two daughters, and they are just nuts about Hannah Montana."

Kim Bryant is just one of many parents who were hoping to land their children tickets to Hannah Montana.

"We were so excited because I thought this would finally be a chance for me to take them to this concert. I mean, what could top that," asked Bryant.

However, on the day tickets went on sale, her luck ended pretty quickly.

"We never could get through. We kept trying over and over and over again. Still couldn't get through. I had some friends trying also for their kids. They were trying on the internet and couldn't get through on the internet either," said Bryant.

That's because in five minutes, tickets for both the Memphis and Little Rock show were gone.

Since then dozens of websites have been selling tickets to the shows, but for prices that are unheard of.

"Would you pay five or six-hundred dollars for a Hannah Montana ticket," I asked.

"No way. I wish I could, but no...definitely not," replied Bryant.

Now Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel is starting an investigation into what he's calling an unfair practice.

Meanwhile, neighboring Missouri has already filed suit against three online ticket distributors.

"That is absolutely price gouging. That needs to stop. It needs to be stopped," said Bryant.

Especially when one ticket costs more than some people make in a pay period.

"I could take that money and go on a weekend vacation with our family. There's no way we would pay that price," said Bryant.

Unless, of course, you were going to see a legend.

"This would happen to somebody like the Beatles or Elvis or someone like that. This is crazy," said Bryant.

Our local Ticketmaster office says if you are looking for tickets the best place to find them is on E-bay or the classified section of your local paper.

They warn however, that you should always use your better judgement before purchasing tickets from someone you don't know.

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