Hundreds Of Jobs Under One Roof

October 12, 2007 - posted at 5:47 p.m. Cdt

JONESBORO -  It was a great opportunity to break out that suit,  grab some resumes and look for new employment.

With over twenty business and agencies looking for employees it was a seekers market Thursday at the Mall at Turtle Creek.

Job seeking takes a lot of time and patience, checking the adds, driving, interviews so when an opportunity like a job fair occurs you need to take advantage of the occasion.  Kait and Express Personnel teamed up for the Region 8 Joblink Employment Expo.   It gave  both employers and prospective employees the chance too see who was out there and what they were needing.

Job seeker Donna Neisler is in search of a permanent spot at a company that she has worked as a temp ."I've got an application back with some of the people I have worked for previously on temp services that are actually hiring through the company now. "

Another job seeker Jeremiah Watson likes the job expo for it's time savings. " it gives me a chance to see several different companies at one location, which saves me a lot of time which I usually don't have much of."

One of Jonesboro's best kept employer secrets is Wolverine Boots, a company whose main product is the manufacturing of boots and shoes for the military. They're actively expanding and need some help... Human Resource Director Alexis Sowards says they find the expo a big help.  " Well for us it's a big advantage because a lot of people don't even realize that we're here in Jonesboro and it gets our name out there and lets people know that we are here and that we have jobs available."

And why do they need people? Sowards,"we just sgned another government contract and we need to make some boots."

One of the biggest prospective employers out here today was Alberto-Culver they are going to have hundreds of jobs to fill and the lines were lined up probably a good three or four hundred feet down the side of mall.

Although Alberto-Culver is hiring through the Arkansas Workforce center, hopeful applicants lined up today to find out how to go about applying for jobs. Company officials were very pleased and surprised at the turnout.

Robert Tomsa, Operations Director Alberto Culver, "Turnout has really suprassed our expectations it's been very exciting, we've had many many people here today and that's great for us so I think it shows the interest in the community and us here in Jonesboro."

With literally hundreds of openings in Region 8 there is probably a good chance you have a shot at one of them

Sowards,"we have a lot of applicants that have been  interested in that we're interested in . "

And by the way an inside tip from Wolverine... Sowards, "We're also looking for experienced stitchers, thats important, very hard to find these days."