Family Moves into Home Built for Them by Their Community

DONIPHAN, MO -- Two months ago we told you about Tiffani Murray, a little girl diagnosed with cancer in 2005 the community of Doniphan has worked to build a new house from the ground up for the family to move into.

On Friday they finished packing up their things and moved into the place they now call home.

Two years ago 12-year-old Tiffani Murray was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and then suffered from congestive heart failure, now she is bound to a wheel chair.

"The brain tries to tell the body to do something tiffany can't process that," said Tiffani's Mom Glenda Murray.

Tiffani needed a house that is wheelchair accessible and the community stepped up and the house is move-in ready.

"Going though of all this is just over whelming.  We are so blessed to have a community do something like this," said Murray.

The house has been built through the ministerial alliance in Doniphan all for free.

"We started making phone calls as a community.   People in different churches and people throughout the community started making calls when they knew there was a need for something to build the house," said Dennis Cox.

And while the community deserves the credit, they say they did it for a special reason.

"Tiffani is just an outstanding young lady with the heart and faith I wish we could all have," said Cox.

"She's just been the joy of my life.  Vivacious and outgoing and so fun to be around, even like this," said Murray.

One thing that's going to make this house so much better for Tiffani and her family is the wheel chair

accessibility.  All of the electrical outlets are low so that Tiffani can reach them and all the door ways are at least three feet wide that way she can get in and out with ease.

"It's going to give her freedom. She's so 100% there mentally.  She just can't express herself or get it out," said Murray.

"We've all become part of her family and it's just great to see a project like this come together.  It's brought the community together," said Cox.

The house actually belongs to the Doniphan Ministerial Alliance.  The Murray family will lease the home from them.