ASU Offers Help For Veterans

JONESBORO - Starting Monday, Arkansas State University will provide free counseling and rehabilitation services to any member of the military who's been injured while serving his or her country.

The Beck PRIDE Center for Wounded Veterans will be temporarily located in the nursing complex on the ASU campus.

Services like counseling, physical therapy and job training will be provided in conjunction with already existing state and federal programs for veterans.

"There are other schools that have programs for veterans, but ours is more tailored to the needs of those soldiers who were in Afghanistan or Iraq," said ASU Chancellor, Dr. Robert Potts.

Dr. Potts says one benefit of having rehab services for vets on campus is the anonymity. Veterans don't have to enter into the healthcare system if they don't want to.

The Beck PRIDE Center will be operated through the University's College of Nursing, which is directed by Dr. Susan Hanrahan.

"The university is a very natural and therapeutic environment for veterans and their families. It can be a place for healing and educational attainment to occur simultaneously," said Dr. Hanrahan.

"There are a lot of people who are just having trouble adjusting," said Dr. Potts. "So this is for them too."

If you are a veteran interested in signing up for the program, log onto

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