Offbeat: Hog Wild

October 15, 2007--Posted at 8:30 a.m. CDT

BAY, AR-- Carrie Potter is a Bay High School cheerleader that's gone plum "hog wild."  It seems Carrie loves her pet pig, Babe, and Babe loves to be the center of attention.  In fact Babe was named grand champion pig at this year's mid south fair in Memphis.  Babe is the second grand champion Carrie's raised over the last three years.

"I couldn't believe I won, he pointed to me and I thought, who you talking to?" said Potter.

It's hard to believe she has the time to do anything, with her crazy schedule at school.  Potter is a junior at Bay, where she plays volleyball, softball, and golf, as well roots for the Yellowjackets as a cheerleader. "It's weird that a cheerleader would get her hands dirty and touch a pig," said Potter.

Carrie's quest to turn Babe into a grand champion was no easy feat. She started back in the Spring by choosing the perfect piglet.  From there, she say it's pretty easy. "You look for a pig that balances out with it's body frame and it's muscles. You find a pig that's round at the first, becasue if you don't, it takes a lot of work.  Then you have to feed it what it takes to build the perfect pig and give it lots of exercise," said Potter.

Babe gets 6 pounds of food a day and takes a daily walk usually around midnight.  She says it takes lots of work, but the effort pays off when the judges put their peepers on this 240 pound pig.  And that's important, because one day Carrie will have a choice to make, either eat her or breed her.  She says she knows the realities, but doesn't have to like it.  "Babe's kind of like a dog, I don't want to get rid of her, but I know that's really my only option," said Potter.