Slipped Disc Testimonial

I had gone to other chiropractors since 1970 and still had low back pain and left leg numbness. I severely injured my low back in 1996 loading firewood and was hospitalized because I was paralyzed. The neuro-surgeon said I had a very large herniated disc and needed immediate surgery. Instead, I went to Dr. Susan Myshka the next day. I never had low back surgery and my left leg is not numb, thanks to Dr. Myshka.

Gerald Lumpkin
Horseshoe Bend

In 1996, I suddenly ruptured a disc on a Sunday. I called Dr. Susan Myshka on Sunday and she came to the office, treated my back and actually got me on my feet. I had a CAT scan and the neuro-surgeon wanted to watch how I respond to chiropractic care with a ruptured disc. I was pain free in 3 months, which was nine months sooner than the neuro-surgeon expected. I recommend everyone with low back pain to get Dr. Myshka's opinion.

Kay Hultquist
Leachville, AR

I was in the holding room waiting to be wheeled into the operating room for L5 disc rupture. I started coughing and the neuro-surgeon postponed the surgery. I lay in bed for two weeks and then went to Dr. Susan Myshka. I cried and could hardly walk. After 3 weeks the pain subsided. I continue to see Dr. Myshka for good spinal hygiene. I tell anyone who has back trouble to see Dr. Myshka because she kept me from having back surgery.

Sandra Price
Jonesboro, AR