Warning of Vetoes, Bush Pushes Back on Democratic Spending Bills while in Rogers

ROGERS, AR - President Bush admonished Congress today for failing to send him a single spending bill yet, and warned lawmakers to trim their plans or face rejection.

Bush told an audience in Rogers that he would veto spending bills now under development.

The budget year began October 1, and federal agencies are operating on a stopgag bill for now.  Congress has not yet agreed on the 12 spending bills that keep the government running.

For a president short on domestic victories, the White House sees fiscal discipline as a winning argument for Bush, a chance to label the opposition in tax-and-spend terms.

Earlier today, Bush toured the manufacturing plant of Stribling Packaging and Display, where cardboard boxes were rolling off the assembly lines.  Bush said he wanted to remind people that the economy depends on such businesses to provide job opportunities.

He later stopped by the Whole Hog Cafe for lunch with business leaders.  Bush loaded up a plate of barbeque and prodded photographers to hurry with their pictures so he could eat.

Bush left Rogers for Memphis, where he is to attend a fundraiser for Republican Senator Lamar Alexander.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)