Time Ticking Down for Fans to Suggest New Mascot

JONESBORO, AR -- Arkansas State University Indian fans are making their voices be heard and are giving their suggestions on what they think the new mascot should be.

"From the very beginning the chancellor asked for very broad and public input and this is one way to make sure that happens," said Beth Smith.

ASU Alumni Association Executive Director Beth Smith said the school is taking suggestions from you on what you think the new mascot should be, but time is running out.

"We're trying to gain suggestions.  This page has been open since August and we wanted a very lengthy period so that everyone had plenty of time to come up with ideas.  The name that is chosen may not even have been posted yet," said Smith.

Some fans have given their picks.

"There is a link there that will allow friends to suggest names and also review names that have been suggested," said Smith.

You can even re-submit a name that you really like.

"The October 31 deadline at midnight is important to us, so if anyone has a good idea they've been sitting on, they need to go ahead and get it posted," said Smith.

After that deadline the wheels really get moving for the final choice.

"There are nine constituent groups that have been identified and those groups will evaluate all of the names that have been suggested," said Smith.

Those groups will narrow the list of almost one thousand names down to eight or twelve mascot suggestions and then compile the nine different lists.

"Right now we think we'll have that name available by the spring of 2008 and ready to be used by fall of 2008," said Smith.

The nine groups are a faculty group, a staff group, a student group, the alumni association, the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce, a public group, the Letterman's Club, the Indian Club and an athletic group.