Jonesboro Police Search For Answers After Sunday Afternoon Shooting

Jonesboro, AR -- "We received a call Sunday afternoon from a gentleman that said he had been shot," said Jonesboro Police Department Detective Ernest Ward.

The victim was 42 year old Timothy Duke.

He was found near Melrose and Word Cove in Jonesboro around 4 o'clock Sunday afternoon.

Police say he had a single gunshot wound to his left side.

The search for the shooter continues.

"We have some persons of interest but don't have anyone that we can actually put out at this time.  We have one shell casing that may have been involved that we are submitting to the crime lab tomorrow," said Ward.

Timothy Duke made the initial call to 9-11 and reported being shot, but it was a bystander who reported their actual location of Melrose and Word Cove to 9-11 dispatchers.

Duke was transported to St. Bernards, but died early Monday morning.

Now, police are desperate to find anyone with information about this murder.

"We really don't have any good witnesses that I have spoken with at this moment. I am sure we have witnesses but we haven't located them at this moment," said Ward.