Maine Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for Slaying of Batesville Man, Others

PARIS, MAINE - A restaurant cook was sentenced today to life in prison for killing and dismembering four people, including a Batesville man, in western Maine.

Christian Nielsen pleaded guilty to four counts of murder last week in the deaths of three women and a man over a four-day period.  Nielsen was a boarder at the Black Bear Bed & Breakfast in Newry, Maine, at the time.  His first victim was 50-year-old James Whitehurst of Batesville.  Nielsen dismembered Whitehurst's body and buried it in the Maine woods.

Nielsen apologized today to the victims' families.

Over the three days following Whitehurst's killing, authorities say Nielsen also killed the lodge's owner, her adult daughter, and her daughter's friend, to cover up the murder of Whitehurst.

Prosecutors say Nielsen used a chainsaw and a hacksaw to dismember the bodies.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)