Solving Jonesboro's Drainage Problems

October 18, 2007 - Posted at 5:55 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO-With a lot of mud to tread through the City of Jonesboro began clearing Bridger Creek of debris Thursday afternoon.

"This will make a difference. The water has to go somewhere. If there is blockage, this will alleviate that blockage," said Public Works Director, Erick Woodruff.

The blockage he's referring to has been leading to problems for residents in the Windsor Landing area.

"Trees are falling off in there, and they are just stopping the flow of the water up. It's washing out into the fields and causing flooding areas," said Street Team Leader, Cory Mallard.

Therefore, Woodruff has been working with his staff to come up with a proactive plan to handle drainage and flooding problems.

"The City has done maintenance, but we want to take it a step farther. We want to have a maintenance program ongoing and not just when something happens," said Woodruff.

When it comes to drainage issues, the city says they have 12 major hot spots. Bridger Creek  is just one of those and it's where excavators and bulldozers are working to clear brush and beaver dams causing blockages.

That's the job of folks like Cory Mallard.

"My job is to make sure the water flow flows, that it's never stopped up," said Mallard.

Even with water flowing freely, nothing is perfect.

"The thing you have to understand, if there is a major rainfall event like what we had a couple of weeks ago, some of those situations can't be helped, whether we clean the ditch or not," said Woodruff.

But with drainage now a top priority, he says what they are doing is a big start.

"We just have to get in, and be proactive in maintaining our ditches throughout the City of Jonesboro," said Woodruff.

We're told the project at Bridger Creek should last between three weeks and a little over a month.

At that point the city will move on to other problem areas.

They hope by staying proactive, when severe weather hits, the effects won't be as noticeable.

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