A Lot Of Training For A Lot Of Jobs

OCTOBER 18, 2007 - Posted at 6:25 p.m. CDT

BURDETTE - A local community college in Mississippi county has teamed up with seven local high schools to educate and train workers to fill empty positions in local industries.

David Davis is the welding instructor at the Burdette campus, his welding classroom is designed to give a strong hands-on approach to steel working, from cutting to the latest in AWS certification and training.

Davis, "What we do here is a full comprehensive program in the welding industry. We work on heavy metal structural, all processes, smaw. GMAW, FCAW, and TIG. We're trying to give them employability skills that industry needs and to get them prepared to go out into the work force. "

All of these letters add up to highly qualified welders ready to be employed in the local industry.

In the past several years, a new program involving seven local high schools ; Gosnell, Osceola, Rivercrest, EPC, Blytheville, Manila and Armorel,  brings in high students to the Burdette campus and give them technical training and teach them proper working world practices.

Nia Wright is the Employability Instructor, she told me, " getting the skills they need to become better employees in the workforce here in Mississippi county and anywhere they go."

Welding is a difficult skill to learn, when you learn the skills, you learn the trade, it opens up the door to careers and those great paying jobs here in the delta.

Casey Cox went through the secondary technical program and returned for the college level program.  "When I got out of high school I just decided to come out here cause I really liked it, I was under the impression there's a lot of money in it and if you can get your skills down and that's what I want to do. Cox says he hopes to stay in the local area and work.

The jobs are there, the training is there, the delta is building, one weld at a time.