How Young Is Too Young For Birth Control?

Jonesboro, AR --

"If they have it they are going to be like 'oh I can go do it anytime I want to and it's ok' and I don't agree with that. I would not let my children do that," said Melissa Newberry.

Mother of two, Melissa Newberry, says 11 is alarmingly young to be handing out birth control.

While she says she's an advocate of educating children about sex, she does think there are limitations and responsibilities that lie with the parents.

"There are  always going to be kids that are going to do what they want and you can't stop them no matter what you do.   I think that if you teach them properly, they shouldn't even be interested that young in sex," said Newberry.

"It's a parenting issue more than a drug issue," said Paula Lawrence.

Paula Lawrence is raising two boys.

She says it's imperative to deal with the questions now, rather than dealing with the consequences later.

"I'm not against birth control for kids. I don't think it causes them to become promiscuous," said Lawrence.

This mom adds that above all you have to communicate with kids.

"We need to educate them. That is the best resource with these kids.  We have to educate them," said Barb Younge.

Pregnancy Resource Center Executive Director Barb Younge says educate them not just about sex, but about the emotional toll it can take on a such a young child.

She says it's important children know there are qualified people available to answer questions whether it's at home, church, or school.

"The school is a wonderful opportunity to teach abstinence to children and let them know this is the safest best thing for them," said Younge.

For mom Melissa Newberry, she says teaching kids that they can confide in their parents can help keep the lines of communication open-----

"......that way the parents know they are wanting to.  Then they can make a personal choice to get them on birth control, but I don't think it should be in the school system at that age," said Newberry.