Storms Rumble Through Bootheel

SENATH, MO - Folks in the Missouri Bootheel community of Senath will be cleaning up this morning after strong storms ripped through the area last night.

Thunderstorms left most of the town without power, as well as downed trees, and a destroyed dugout at the school's baseball field.  Residents say the storm came hard and fast, leaving them all a little shaken when it was over.  "When we pulled up behind it the wind was blowing this way, so we were pretty much covered.  Then the wind shifted and started blowing straight at us and we backed up to leave and took off and this tree fell right where we parked," said Donna Temple.

One City Council member told Region 8 News that there are downed trees and minor damage throughout the town.

Region 8 News will have more later today on the clean-up efforts in Senath.