Defense to Plead Insanity in Microwaved Baby Case

GALVESTON, TEXAS - An attorney for an Arkansas man accused of critically hurting his two-month-old daughter by putting her in a microwave oven has filed his intent to use an insanity defense.

Investigators in Texas have testified that 20-year-old Joshua Mauldin of Warren, Arkansas, also placed the girl in a refrigerator and a safe during the May incident in a Galveston hotel room.

Attorney Sam Cammick III filed notice in state district court of the intent to plead insanity.

A person can be found not guilty by reason of insanity if a jury finds the defendant did not know that his or her actions were wrong.

The May 10 incident happened as Mauldin, his wife and daughter were moving to Galveston, where Mauldin planned to be a preacher.

The baby was critically injured.  She's now in the custody of relatives.  Mauldin and his wife are prohibited from contacting them.

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