Bad Boy Mowers Growing

BATESVILLE, AR -- A Region 8 company has some famous friends.  Bad Boy Mowers in Batesville has announced a new spokesperson, country music star Toby Keith

"Merle Haggard got a machine and loved it and he told Willie Nelson and he loved it and he's told other people.  Toby Keith has three," said Robert Foster.

After getting Bad Boy Mowers of their own, these celebrity sod cutters are speaking up for this company.

"They will be kind of like a spokesperson.  We can use him in our catalogs.  We've done some things with him that I cannot disclose at this point," said Foster.

According to a press release from the company, Bad Boy Mowers will star in a Willie Nelson country music video that will feature other celebrities Jessica Simpson and Owen Wilson.

More evidence that this company is growing, they are currently building their tenth building since 2001 and plan on adding at least fifty more employees.

But it's not only mowers anymore for these 'bad boys', will soon offer an all terrain vehicle.   As for their mowers, with numerous celebrity owners of the machine in addition to the people in Region 8, it seems this mower will continue to do well.

"There's people out there right now at the coffee shop that will fight you if you say your mower is better than a Bad Boy," said Foster.

The Bad Boy crew tells us they will have more big announcements coming soon.