Senath Recovers From Thursday Storm

October 19, 2007 - Posted at 9:15 p.m. CDT 

SENATH, MO  In a sound that's all too familiar in Region 8, the sounds of chainsaws and wood chippers rose above the town of Senath, Missouri. The result of last nights storm left trees and limbs down all over town and a business damaged.

VJ brooks was sitting on his porch last night when the approaching storm forced him inside. "I finally decided I'd better go in the house, so I did, that's when we began to hear the limbs blowing and falling and everything like that.  Little bit scary there for a few minutes. "

Fortunately for the Brooks house the tree that fell missed the house and landed in the yard, VJ thanks a higher authority that his house was not damaged. "We were real fortunate and lucky that it just scattered you know debris and everything all around, anyway thank God that none of us was hurt."

Wind damage east of the city turned a couple of center pivot systems on their sides.

After sunrise the Senath Police Chief was able to assess the towns damage and see what was needed to be done.  Chief Lester Hunter told me "basically we got a lotta cleaning up to do today, we gotta lotta big trees that's down in town."

On the East side of town homeowners watched as their hundred year old tree was taken down after damage. And across town on the corner of Stone and Ash street, an oak tree was uprooted and fell on a van.

Most of the damage I found  in Senath was confined to trees being torn down, limbs broken off, but  on the Eastern edge of town, one of the warehouses belonging to Quality Roofers Contractors was torn apart and scattered  in their yard and the neighbors yard next door.

Bonnie Martin an employee at Quality Roofing arrived after last nights storm to find the warehouse gone but everything else was okay and still working.

Martin, "I got a call around seven fifteen last night that the company possibly got taken out with the storm. I drove down to check out the damage and when I got here, this building was blown away, the roof is back on the neighbors house over there that's really all the damage that was done here.

Martin said that "no other buildings were damaged, in the office  we still had electricity the rest of town did not have electricity but we still had all of our lights, phones, computers everything was working."

Electricity was off for about 6 hours and power crews and cable crews were putting things back to normal.

Trees can be replanted, buildings can be repaired but VJ Brooks sums up the stormy night the best.

"Nobody got hurt so we was real fortunate with that."

At this time there has been no official word as to whether it was a tornado or straight line winds that went through Senath.