Wanna Dance? Some Region 8'ers Do


They came, they saw, they danced.

"I'm here to see Lauren Payne," said Edward Radcliffe.

Region 8's own Lauren Payne was there, along with a host of others for the grand finale of Jonesboro's own version of "Dancing with the Stars," the first ever "Wanna Dance?" competition.

You might just think you're in a fred and ginger movie with all that fancy footwork going on at the Turtle Creek Mall Saturday.

The most memorable moment for the winners?

"Having him jump over my head," said first place winner Dana Hoggard.

For third place winner Angie Fetters, the whole experience was a memorable one.

"At first I was worried, I mean I'm a coach and not a dancer," said Fetters. "But, my partner Al and I practiced our dance and had a lot of fun."

As for her partner, let's just say ASU Biology Professor Dr. Al Romero looked more the part of Richie Valens a la "La Bamba."

"He wasn't a character until we got out there and that's what surprised me the most," said Fetters.

From salsa, to the charleston, to a little slow waltz, the day was nothing short of a swinging good time.

More than $10,000 was raised for the Woman's Discovery Center.

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