Humane Society Says Pit Bulls Used in SeMo Dog Fights

DEXTER, MO - The Humane Society of Missouri suspects 25 pit bulls seized from a southeast Missouri farm were used for dogfighting.

The society and Stoddard County sheriff's deputies raided the family farm near Dexter, and took three people into custody.

Investigators say more than half of the pit bulls had new and old wounds consistent with dog fighting...bite marks on their faces, necks, chests and legs.

Thirteen pit bulls were found chained up in a wooded area on the property.  Other dogs were on chains closer to the farmhouse.

A pit bull puppy was found in a cage behind the home.  A beagle that was also seized was loose.

Investigators say dog training and fight paraphernalia were also found, and they believe dog fighting took place in a barn beside the home.

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