Car Thefts Keeping Greene County Authorities Busy

LAFE, AR -- "We went out there this weekend to find that his vehicles had been stolen.  There was a car sitting at my grandma's residence which is right next door that had been stolen too," said Debbie Bailey.

Debbie Bailey's father lives in the small Greene County town of Lafe.

Her father is just one of many victims of car theft over the last several days in Greene county.

"The bodies were straight, the tires were good, the paint was good they were good vehicles but they were older.  Both of my dad's vehicles were under a 96," said Bailey.

That number is important because if a vehicle is older than a 96 model, recycling centers can crush them with very few questions.

Bailey says that's what happened to her father's cars.

They were in his yard, and thieves used trailers to haul them off to be crushed.

"From what I understand, these people got a couple hundred dollars in scraps and they are already crushed and on their way somewhere else I guess," said Bailey.

Captain Bruce Drope with the Greene County Sheriff's Department says Chris Alan Roberts and Richard A Mansfield have already been arrested in connection with the theft and/or transfer of some of the vehicles stolen over the past several days.

Late Tuesday night, Drope confirmed another arrest in this case.

For Debbie Bailey--she says she wanted to share her story to keep the same thing from happening to anymore unassuming Region 8 residents....because for her and her family the damage has already been done.

"In the end, the cars are smashed there's nothing anybody can really do," said Bailey.