Experts Recommend Gradual Release of Man Accused in Grocery Store Attack

MEMPHIS, TN - Mental health experts recommend that a man who stabbed eight people last year in a Memphis area grocery should be allowed to go home for short visits.

Elartrice Ingram, a former college student, was found not guilty by reason of insanity after he attacked eight employees and chased another with a butcher knife last July.

He's been receiving treatment at a mental health institute and can't be released until it is determined he is no longer a danger to himself or others.

A psychiatrist and a staff member recommended to a judge yesterday that Ingram be released to his parents for short visits that would gradually increase.

Several victims who attended the hearing said they were concerned about Ingram's gradual release so soon after the attack.

The judge said he wanted additional safety measures, such as electronic monitoring, and he would rule on the issue next week.

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