Entergy: No Radiation Released in Fire at Nuclear One

RUSSELLVILLE, AR - No radiation was released when a small electrical fire broke out in a breaker panel at Arkansas Nuclear One and the plant's two reactors continued to operate.  That's from both plant-owner Entergy Corporation and a Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokesman.

The brief fire involved one breaker in a panel that supplies power to safety equipment.

NRC spokesman Victor Dricks said today that once power was cut to the breaker panel, the fire extinguished itself.

Entergy spokesman Phil Fisher said power was lost to one of two redundant safety systems.

Fisher said the Ark. Health Dept. was notified of the Level 2 alert, second from the bottom in four classifications of alert.  The Health Dept. notified local agencies.

The NRC and Entergy are conducting follow-up reviews of the incident.

A similar incident happened almost a year ago at the plant on October 30, 2006.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)