Fast Wheels And Granting Wishes

October 24, 2007 - Posted at 8:20 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO - In 1982 Marty Lyons, then a veteran defensive lineman for the New York Jets established the Marty Lyons Foundation, an organization dedicated to granting wishes to seriously ill children.

Representatives from the foundation namely his brother Phil were in town today along with Nascar Chevy #44.

Their purpose, making a young mans dream come true.

Fifteen year old Taylor Shaw is suffering from a rare form of leukemia but one of his biggest wishes is to get out of his house.

"I'm not supposed to be a around a lot of people right now. So I have to stay at home, the only place I get to go is the doctors for check- ups"

The Richardson - Netzloff racing team brought their Chevy number 44 into Jonesboro today so Creative Concepts could attach a new logo and Phil Lyons could pass on a good luck coin to driver Mike Harmon.

The Lyons foundation is granting a wish to Taylor, granting him a wish  to see a major stock car race in November. With the Foundations logo on the car it serves to inspire, both the driver and Taylor.

Phil Lyons, "I'm a big believer that the good Lord has a purpose for everything, and we're hoping that this helps Taylor on the road ahead and five years from now Taylor will be standing here talking about working for the foundation and having a wish child with him. Lyons presented autographed NFL footballs to Taylor and car owner Donnie Richardson, driver Mike Harmon and Creative Concepts owner Mark Frances.

Number 44 will be racing this Saturday at Memphis with the good luck coin taped to the roll bar and Taylors' and Phils' autograph on the hood.

As for Taylor he strapped on the stock car and looked forward to the race he'll be attending in November.  "I'm really psyched about getting to go, I've been battling with an illness and I'm ready to get to go do something."

Taylor says he'd like to take a shot at driving number 44 but, "I'd love too but they probably wouldn't want to let me."

Taylor, you'll just have to wait till your're Sixteen, just like the rest of us but in the meantime, Taylor will be attending a race at the Texas Motor Speedway on November third.