Region 8 Native And Pepperdine Student Shares Her Story During Southern California Wildfires

Jonesboro --  "We used to look around and see this beautiful Malibu campus and city.  When you look around it's pretty sad--it just doesn't look like the same campus anymore," said Region 8 native and Pepperdine student Kiersten Dunn.

The usually picturesque Pepperdine campus was threatened as wildfires rage and parts of southern California turn into infernos.

Pepperdine student and Jonesboro native Kiersten Dunn got a scary wake up call earlier in the week reminding her just how real the threat is.

"At seven o' clock we were evacuated to the cafeteria and when I walked outside the sky was orange and it was so windy.  The wind was just fierce," said Dunn.

"We've been watching everything very closely and whenever I have the opportunity I plug into the Internet," said Dr. Charles Dunn.

Kiersten's father, Dr. Charles Dunn, is a California native.

He's seen first hand the damage fires can cause.

He  understands what firefighters and residents are up against.

Dr. Dunn says while it was stressful not being able to get to Kiersten, they did talk on the phone.

Both Dr. Dunn and Kiersten say Pepperdine had an effective plan in place.

"I felt confident Pepperdine had a good plan, and it turns out they did.  There was no one getting in or out of the campus until later that evening," said Dr. Dunn.

Kiersten says the threat to Pepperdine's campus seems to have passed, but she adds it's an experience she won't soon forget.

"It's beginning to settle down. Classes have resumed so I think they're getting us right back into things," said Kiersten Dunn.