A Thief In Jonesboro Is Caught In The Act

Jonesboro--"What happens is that he enters the residence through the garage and goes to the victims car.  He also goes to the other car as well," said Jonesboro Police Detective, Vic Brooks.

A hidden camera shows a burglar breaking into a garage Thursday morning around 4:45.

A garage door was left open just a few inches, but it was just enough for a criminal got inside.

The burglary happened in southwest Jonesboro, and it's not the first time the home has been burglarized.

"This is either the second or third time this has happened.  As any person would, they are just not going to allow this to happen anymore," said Brooks.

The victims don't want to be identified, but Detective Brooks says their use of a surveillance camera will hopefully help them catch a criminal and deter others.

"I would strongly advise anyone that is having problems to please install one.  I believe you could even take the time to install these yourself," said Brooks.

The home video serves as a reminder to us all that you never know who's lurking......

"The criminal element is always out there.  It's there at any time of the day.