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Paragould, AR -- Lauren Payne Reports

Paragould School District Honors 875th


Paragould--Northeast Arkansas  has been so great from sending care pkgs over there to the day we came in. It's been great--it's really great to be from such a wonderful place," said 875th soldier, Kevin Curtis.

"Paragould, Greene County, Northeast Arkansas has just been awesome," said 875th soldier Fred Siebert.

It was a tailgate party for hometown heroes sponsored by the Paragould School District to honor the men and women from the 875-th, and another hometown tradition they get to enjoy now that they're back with family and friends.

"Many say it's the little things you miss most like Friday nights under the bright lights when you're so far away.....

"Little things like having my rocker on the front porch where I can rock after hours.  I really enjoy that," said Sierbert.

"Being back with my son, fiancee, mom, dad, and brother, they mean the world to me," said Curtis.

In additions to bbq and sides there were plenty of thank you's and pats on the back to go around.....

A reminder of how thrilled the community is to have them back and a reminder that they were never far from the hearts and minds of those of us in Region 8.....


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