Region 8 Woman Says Miracles Are Still Happening

Jonesboro, AR -- Jonesboro resident Melba Jane Walker  says her home was left in shambles after two construction companies left a remodeling job incomplete.

She also says she's out nine thousand dollars.

The remodeling began in May.

She says it's just been in the last few weeks that the tide is finally starting to turn.

"My dream is finally coming true," said Walker.

Walls are up, the showers installed, and her house is starting to feel like a home again.

"We went from a nightmare to a dream that is really becoming an awakening.  We finally know that we are going to get to keep our house," said Walker.

Randy Page is just one of several people helping Melba Jane turn this house around.

"I recruit help every once in a while, and together we're getting it all together," said Page.

Page is an assistant pastor in her church, and she says a great friend.

"Just the expression on her face when she got to move the port o John out of her garage, and she got a shower and running water and accessories--it was all worth it," said Page.

Construction on her home is almost done.

She says she thinks the house will be done by Thanksgiving, and that's something she is truly thankful for.

"I know that there are still honest people out there, and there are still people out there that really still care," said Walker.