Teen Killed, Three Others Injured in Crash at Hilltop

JONESBORO, AR - Jonesboro police say one person is dead and three injured after a car crash on East Johnson Avenue near the Hilltop neighborhood early last night.

Police told Region 8 News that a Ford pick-up driven by Ryan Stevens of Jonesboro was heading south towards the Arkansas State University campus and a Dodge Intrepid driven by Susan Tindel of Brookland was northbound when the two vehicles collided.

One person was inside the truck and three were inside the car at the time of the crash.

A spokesman with the JPD identified the fatality victim as 18-year-old Kurry Tindel of Brookland, a passenger in the car.  A 4-year-old child who was a passenger in the Tindel vehicle also sustained minor injuries, but the child's identity was not revealed by police.