New Jobs Coming to Randolph County

POCAHONTAS, AR -- More jobs are coming to Region 8.  Randolph County Chamber Executive Director Wayne Gearhart said ITW Paslode is currently working on building on and adding 20 new jobs at the company that makes highly engineered fasteners.

New to Region 8 is Dynarex Corporation.  That company will move into the waterloo building when Waterloo closes it's doors in the next few months.

Governor Mike Beebe said this is the type of move more companies need to make.

"Every time you can add jobs, particularly when you can add jobs to a facility that's been vacated by somebody else moving out, it's really helpful to our citizens," said Beebe.

Dynarex manufactures disposable medical supplies and plans to start out with 40 employees, but could go up from there.

"We in Pocahontas will work hard for one job, so obviously 100 jobs means a lot to us," said Randolph County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Wayne Gearhart.

Like many cities in Region 8, Pocahontas has seen good times and bad.

"We've been there.  We've lost industry.  We know exactly how it feels," said Gearhart.

"We do have a situation where we do lose jobs, but then we also try to make up for it by creating new jobs.  It doesn't really lessen the impact on those folks that lose their jobs," said Beebe.

Getting these new jobs will be a big boost for their economy and it's a testament to the workforce Region 8 has to offer.

"Companies talk to each other and when they come and when they locate it's usually the result of a whole lot of homework that's been done," said Gearhart.

The two companies should start hiring new employees in the next few months.  Dynarex will be ready to start production by January of 2008.