Suggested Nicknames Are in for New ASU Mascot

JONESBORO, AR - More than 1,400 suggested new nicknames for Arkansas State University are in the hands of committee members who will review the ideas.  The deadline for submitting suggestions was midnight last night.

The wide variety of names submitted included some that referred to Indians, the nickname the school has had to change to conform to NCAA guidelines.  Others draw on the school colors, local animals and names already in use by other teams.

The suggestions will be pared down by nine committees, with organizers saying a new nickname and mascot will be announced in the spring.  The first of those committees begin meeting at 5 o'clock this evening.  The new image is to be in place by next fall.  But the school says it won't change its red and black color scheme.

Some suggestions try to make the new mascot as generic as possible, such as Red the Spirit Character.  Others try to evoke Arkansas heritage, such as the Fightin' Farmers, the Pine Cones and the Tornadoes.

Others looked to the animal world...Stallions, Catfish and Red Wolves are among those suggestions.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)