ASU One Step Closer To Picking New Mascot


The first of 9 committees met Thursday evening at the Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce to start narrowing down the pool of mascot applicants.

There are more than 1,400 suggested mascot names that were posted on ASU's website.

"Our top pick was the Red Wolves, which was our favorite," said committee member Jerod Woodard. "It was close between that and the Delta Dogs. The Bobcats came in a close number three."

As far as judging which mascot will best fit the mold, the chamber says ... anything goes.

"We want to stay with the scarlett and black colors," said Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce Chief Operating Officer, Cari White. "Other than that, it's a very broad-based and open discussion about what we think we should submit as a constituency group to the selection committee and our goal is to do that by November 10."

Suggestions are no longer being taken and for those given the task of making the final selection, it's a safe bet it's sure to be a tough one.

"There were some very crazy ones ... the Fighting Armadillos, the Mojos, there were a lot of them out there that were very creative that didn't make the list," said committee member Adam Saulsbury.

The winners from Thursday's meeting are, in no particular order: Thunderbirds, Hellbenders, Blackhawks, Red Devils, Diamondbacks and Red Wolves.

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