Missouri's Elvis is Alive Museum Up for Sale

WRIGHT CITY, MO - The Elvis is Alive Museum in Missouri is up for sale.

Proprieter Bill Beeny has placed his Elvis Presley memorabilia on eBay in hopes that someone else will take up the cause.

The 81-year-old Beeny's collection includes photographs, books, FBI files, replicas of the Cadillac the King drove and of the casket and gravestone from his 1977 funeral, even a painted Elvis head.

He hopes someone will buy the collection and open a new museum dedicated to the theory that Elvis lives.

One item in the museum is a purported tape recording of Presley's voice, supposedly copied off a telephone answering machine six years after he died.

Beeny claims Elvis had good reason to disappear: He's in the federal Witness Protection Program for assistance he provided federal law enforcement authorities.

Elvis Presley Enterprises in Memphis had no comment.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)