Judge Convicts Little Rock Man in Crossbow Road Rage Incident

LITTLE ROCK, AR - A Little Rock man accused of firing a crossbow at another car in an alleged road-rage incident has been convicted of committing a terroristic act.

Wayne Dierks, Jr., 27, faces a November 30 sentencing for the October 2006 incident, in which he allegedly shot his crossbow at a car that cut him off, shattering the car's rear window.

Dierks testified yesterday that the weapon is heavy, and he needs to use one foot to hold the bow down to string the crossbow with both hands.  But the victim, a UALR baseball player, testified that Dierks was re-cocking the weapon and stuck it out the vehicle's window.

Dierks also faces a separate terroristic act charge on accusations he used a shotgun to shoot out a window of a Little Rock pizza restaurant in January.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)