Cleaning Up Poinsett County

POSTED - NOVEMBER 2, 2007  5:30 P.M.  CDT

HARRISBURG - A unique situation in one region eight county....

Poinsett county does not have a working landfill therefore all the class three and four solid waste must be brought to the county drop off location and hauled off for disposal.

Dropping off these materials costs the person dropping off a disposal fee but twice a year the collection point is open for free.

Poinsett County Judge Doyle Hillis is not afraid to get his hands dirty and today was no exception. I tracked him down at Poinsett counties solid waste drop off point located at the county shops. The occasion was the annual Fall Clean Up Day.

Hillis; "See these folks here got different stuff that there throwing off out here and it'll be a lot of stuff, we been busy since seven o clock this morning."

There are two clean up days each year one in the spring and one in the fall, the advantage today is that you don't have to pay the dumping fee like you normally would have to.

Hillis: "We're just proud and tickled to death that we can do it, hope people take advantage of it instead of throwing out on the side of the road or off a bridge and bring it up here and throwing in these containers."

Betty and Earl Pipkin brought a whole trailer full of junk. "Metal, some old furniture stuff where we had cleaned our house out and brought it up here, an old lawn mower."

Barring hazardous materials and paper and yard waste pretty much anything can go. The Judge says that these dumpsters will go to a class three and four landfill which means they can take old metal objects like refrigerators and furnaces and lamps and things like roofing shingles.

Hillis,"any old bed springs, mattresses, old beds normally just your everyday stuff you leave piled up around the house."

The Pipkins were throwing out an old furnace that they have had lying around for about two years.

Normally the free day only runs one day but this fall residents are getting a break.

Hillis; "The only problem with this fall for some reason or another I got it set it up on a Friday, we normally do it on Saturday."

Fear not residents of Poinsett county the drop off will be open until noon on Saturday so gather up your junk because like the judge says. "You can make a difference in your own county."

The drop off is for Poinsett County residents only and is located at the county shop in Harrisburg.