Walnut Ridge Fire Department Under New Roof

November 3, 2007 - Posted at 4:29 p.m. CDT

WALNUT RIDGE, AR -- The Walnut Ridge Fire Department finally has a new place to call home.  Saturday was a dedication ceremony that gave the public a first chance to take a look at the new building that houses the WRFD.

"Ribbon is just not really firefighter like so we decided to uncouple a red hose and basically served the same purpose," said WRFD Fire Chief Alan Haskins.

And with that, the new Walnut Ridge Fire Department was unveiled.

"We've been working on this all year long; the guys have done a really great job. It's not just exciting and great for us, but for the whole town. It's a step forward in progression and moving things forward and making the town grow," said Haskins.

The previous fire station was more than 70 years old and could not fit all of the fire equipment...a renovated car dealership on Highway 67 business became the home for the new station.

"If something happens to our other stations, we've got room to put all of our other equipment in here and work," said Haskins, "The other thing that was major for us was the location."

"I know it's important to the people of Walnut Ridge and help with insurance rates and help with fire safety and I just think it's good to see the city move forward and get a first class facility like this," said State Senator Robert Thompson.

"They do so much more in protection of our city, they are there to help others in need," said Walnut Ridge resident Darlene Moore.

"It's something they've worked on for a long time and for people to come and see it, to come see what they've done, see the hard work, they've put a lot of hours into this and renovating this building so I think they are wanting to share it with the community because it's an important part of this community," said Walnut Ridge Mayor Michelle Rogers.

Officials from the fire department say they hope to lower home insurance ratings from a five to at least a four or three for local residents.