Million Dollar Jail Expansion Underway


Craighead County Sheriff Jack McCann is walking with a little more spring in his step these days.

That's because the jail he oversees is about to get a major overhaul ... one that's expected to result in more room to breathe for his staff and overall, better security.

"It's very crowded and when it's crowded it's dangerous," said McCann.  "We have 30-40 inmates in here at times being booked in and booked out."

That shouldn't be a problem six months from now, when a $1.5 million dollar expansion project is complete.

The new project will allow for more space in and out of the booking area. Eight more cells will be added in which to house prisoners.

"Our suicide cell and everything is basically out of sight of the booking officers and this addition, there will be 8 cells directly in front of the booking officers. They'd be looking right at them," said McCann.

He says the expansion is crucial for the safety of the booking staff and the prisoner.