Man Wrestles Deer, Lives To Tell About It

TRUMANN -   When Greg Vincent, his son and nephew went in search of deer Saturday, they found a whole lot more when a 160-lb deer decided to get up close and personal with his biggest threat this time of year .. the hunter.

"Jokingly, I took my knife out and said 'Boys, if he gets any closer I'm going to take him out.' Little did I know he got so close to my son my boy could have just reached out and just touched him," said Greg Vincent of Trumann.

That's when things took a turn for the worse, and Greg being the father that he is, decided to step in and take a stab at getting the deer to leave .. literally.

"The deer just pretty much started getting angry," said Vincent. "He started pawing the ground and was getting ready to charge him."

Greg's son Kyle says details of the event are sketchy because he was so frozen in fear, but there are a few things still etched in his memory.

"Just horns and my dad and a knife," said son, Kyle.

After rolling around on the ground for a while with the deer, Greg delivered the final blow in the form of a stab to the neck.

Around this time of year, it's important for hunters to be aware of the threat posed by deer and other wildlife.

The Arkansas Game & Fish Commission says male deer are especially aggressive around mating season.

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