Houses Deemed Condemned, Neighbors Say It's About Time

Jonesboro- One downtown Jonesboro neighborhood is lined with homes dating back generations, restored by their owners who take pride in the fact that they live on Flint street.

One home at 1504 Flint was labeled a condemned property at Tuesday night's City Council meeting.

Some neighbors are happy to see the eyesore finally getting some attention from the city. They say they've been trying to get the house cleaned up for years.

"It's caused a rodent problem for myself and many of the neighbors and basically it's bringing down our property value," said Scott Preston, who lives in an adjacent property.

Preston says he's suprised it's taken the City of Jonesboro so long to act, given the fact that the area is a highly desirable place to live.

"This one seems to have fallen through the cracks," he said. "They didn't even know about it until I brought it to their attention."

Other properties stamped "Condemned" at Tuesday's meeting: 634 W. Huntington Ave, 417 Houghton Rd., 1614 N. Patrick St., 411 W. Huntington Ave., 5415 Southwest Dr.

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