Continuing Coverage: Pam Hobbs- Part 1

"I found out that my worst nightmare of this lifetime was really true. He was dead."

In 1993 Pam Hobbs said the words no parent wants to say, her son 8-year-old Steve Branch was dead; part of a triple homicide in West Memphis.

14 and a half years later she reflects.

"If Stevie was still here, I would be a very proud and honored mother, just as I am of the eight precious years I did have with him," said Hobbs.

But those years were cut tragically short, and a year later three West Memphis teens were convicted of capital murder.

Now, Hobbs says new evidence makes her think differently about Damien Echols, Jesse Misskelley, and Jason Baldwin.

"I asked 14 years ago, God if these guys are not guilty grant them another trial and give me the strength to accept who the real person is. I'm prepared," said Hobbs.

Now as she meets with her attorney David Rees and gets ready to help the West Memphis Three fight for their innocence, I ask her if she ever really thought they were guilty back in 93.

"It was a point of anger that someone did this to my child. Did I really believe it, no, not 100 percent that they did it. I didn't believe they were capable enough or smart enough to have committed the crime, cleaned the scene up and be guilty for it," said Hobbs.

So if the West Memphis Three were to get off and get out of prison, the biggest question is how would the parent of a victim react?

"I would love to meet them. I would ask them personally to forgive me. I would let them know that they spent 14 and a half of their years in a world where even I don't know anything about. If I could assist them to learn how to live in the free world, I'm behind them 100 percent," said Hobbs.

And that's only the beginning of what Pam Hobbs shared in our Region Eight News exclusive interview.

Thursday night on Region Eight News at five and six, find out why she says her ex-husband could have been capable of murder, and where she finds peace 14 and a half years after her son's death.

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