Trumann Police Investigate Wednesday Afternoon Shooting

Trumann, AR -- "They found the victim down on Elm Street in the back yard, and he had been shot in the groin area," said Trumann Police Chief, Larry Blagg.

The shooting happened in Trumann near Locust and Elm Streets around 4 o' clock on Wednesday afternoon.

The victim is 22 year old Trumann native William Lytle.

He was taken to St. Bernards for treatment.

Police say the shooter is just 16 years old.

Police say the two are neighbors.

They add the incident started as a verbal confrontation, but quickly escalated.

"He got into an argument with him, and he just got so mad he decided he would just go inside and get a gun.  He went inside and got a 30/30. The victim, who didn't have anything to do with it, just walked up and told him to put the gun down. The suspect shot him from about 40 feet away," said Blagg.

Witnesses told police after the shooting, the 16 year old ran inside this home.

Police say he then barricaded himself inside his home with his mother inside as well.

"After a few moments on the phone with him, I convinced him to come out and surrender," said Blagg.

Police say the suspect was calm, and came out through the front door without incident.

Police and neighbors say this isn't an area that sees a lot of criminal activity.

"It's just some people who's tempers got flared and it ended in a terrible situation," said Blagg.