Arkansas Toddler Hospitalized from Aqua Dots

LITTLE ROCK, AR - A Jacksonville toddler is among the youngsters affected by the recalled toy Aqua Dots, which has been found to contain a chemical that turns into a powerful "date rape" drug when eaten.

Twenty-month-old Jack Esses is home from the hospital.  But while he was at Arkansas Children's Hospital, his mother says the boy was slipping in and out of consciousness and she was afraid her son would die.

The boy had played with Aqua Dots, which had been given to his sister.

Jack's mother Shelby Essis, who lives with her husband Jonathon and their three children at the Little Rock Air Force Base in Jacksonville, says her son started stumbling and throwing up Aqua Dots after playing with his sister the day before Halloween.

The boy started losing consciousness on the way to the hospital, and would gain consciousness to vomit.  Dr. Matt Jaeger of Arkansas Children's Hospital treated Jacob and said he was very worried when he saw him.  The hospital started tests and did a head scan.  But within hours, the crisis was over.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)