Continuing Coverage: Pam Hobbs Speaks Out - Part 2

Pam Hobbs says she is now out for justice and wants to find out who really killed her son, Steve Branch.

She says with the help of her attorney, David Rees, she is hoping for a retrial of the West Memphis Three and to finally get a chance to say she's sorry.

It's part two of a Region Eight News exclusive interview.

"I would love to meet them. I would ask them personally to forgive me, and let them know that they spent 14 and a half years in a world that even I don't know anything of. If I could assist them to live in the free world, I'm behind them 100 percent," said Hobbs.

Those words were the ones many never thought they would hear from the mother of a murdered 8-year-old when talking about those convicted of the crime.

But Pam Hobbs says new evidence produced by the convicted killers' defense team has led her to forgiveness, and now she's teaming up with attorney David Rees to fight for justice.

"I chose to have someone represent me and guide me on what direction I need to take to be reassured that justice will be done, and that the killer or killers of my son will be behind bars," said Hobbs.

Both Hobbs and Rees believe the trials of the West Memphis Three were jaded from the start.

"Everyday I would go down and I would see the evidence as it was presented. I kept wondering where is the proof," said Rees.

That is why Hobbs says she is now hopeful of a retrial for Damien Echols, Jesse Misskelley, and Jason Baldwin.

"With the evidence now, I really hope it will lead to another trial and show all of the evidence that the prosecution said they had that they did not show the first time," said Hobbs.

Evidence which her attorney feels the prosecution still doesn't have.

"If they have to retry it, they are going to have to figure out totally different theories," said Rees.

And for Hobbs if the West Memphis Three are retried and freed...

"If they are not proven guilty, they will be my best buddies," said Hobbs.

And in our third and final part of the exclusive interview with Pam Hobbs, find out what she says makes her think differently about her ex-husband Terry.

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