High Bidder for Missouri Memorabilia from Elvis' Home State

ST. LOUIS, MO - The high bidder for memorabilia from the Elvis is Alive Museum is from the King's home state.

A high bid of $8,300 was placed by a Mississippi man by the close of auction last night.

Bill Beeny, who owns the Wright City museum, says the high bidder has until the close of business today to put up the money.  He has not responded to Beeny's e-mails.

The 81-year-old placed his Elvis memorabilia on eBay hoping someone else will take up his cause that the King never died.

The collection includes photographs, books, FBI files, and replicas of the Cadillac Elvis drove and the casket and gravestone from his alleged 1977 funeral.

The Baptist minister says he wants to focus his energy on serving the needy in Warren County and raising money for relief efforts in Darfur.

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