GCT Students Honor Veterans in a Special Way

PARAGOULD, AR -- Honoring our veterans has become a yearly tradition at one Region Eight school.  It's hard for many kids to fully understand how important our veterans are and with programs like the one put on in Paragould, it honors not only the veterans, but teaches the kids that are a part of it.

"We want our students to understand their service and that, in no small part, is why we do this program," said program director Linda Davis.

The program highlights different wars American soldiers have fought in and pays special tribute to the veterans in the audience.

"It just gives them a sense of what our country is and what these guys really did for our country," said Karen Paker.

"We are losing so many of our World War II veterans and I would hate that some of our students never know what they have done for us," said Davis.

In addition to honoring the veterans from wars past, they also took time to honor more recent veterans.

"Its so hard for these kids whose fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters have gone in service and that brings things home to them," said Davis.

Ciera MacDonald's dad is one of the hundreds of soldiers that recently came back from Iraq with the 875th.

"They go out there and they protect us all and put their lives in danger and I think we owe it to them to honor them," said MacDonald.

"We're bringing context in some of the things that are going on right now in Iraq and Afghanistan," said Davis.

While the performance part of the program is all in fun to entertain the veteran guests it also sends a message to the students watching from the bleachers.

"It helps them have more understanding of how we should honor our veterans and thank them for what they do," said MacDonald.

A Veterans Day parade will be held in Jonesboro Saturday morning starting at ten.  The route will run along Main Street.