Landfill Problems For Nearby Residents, Some Want Help Cleaning Up

Jonesboro- Rick Tribble says storm water runoff from the landfill behind his home on Casey Springs Rd. has left him with headaches .... literally.

"I have an exessive amount if headaches," said Rick Tribble. "I'm not saying for sure it was caused by the landfill but I would guess that it would be."

Clay is washing up in Tribble's yard after a heavy rain and he says when it hardens it practically ruins his yard.

"There's lots of stuff that's washed up in my yard over the years," he said. "It's kind of like my yard used to be a landfill."

During this week's council meeting, Tribble asked the City of Jonesboro to clean up his yard.

Cameron Construction has agreed to clean up the site.

Several measures will be taken to clean the yard and try to prevent the stormwater runoff that's affecting Tribble's home.

Paul Crawford is the Technical Director for FTN Associates Ltd., which oversees the closing of the landfill. He says equipment will likely be brought in to scoop up the pre-existing clay that's settled in Tribble's yard. Also, mounds of dirt that will act as barriers will be put in place.

Tribble says what he really wants is the city of Jonesboro to take the house off his hands completely.

"I've already heard from Mike Cameron, he said he would fix my yard, but I would like to find out what's going on with the landfill and if they need another retention pond, then my house would be perfect for that since it's right there at the bottom of the hill," said Tribble.

Tribble says he has a meeting with Jonesboro Mayor Doug Formon next week.

He says he's going to keep trying to persuade the city to buy his home because he feels like it's a health hazard.

Other neighbors in the area have similar complaints. They're all part of a class action lawsuit that's been going on for more than four years now.

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