Miss Missouri USA Pageants Bring More Than Just Sparkle to Region 8

November 10, 2007 -- Posted at 5:19 p.m. CDT

POPLAR BLUFF, MO -- Saturday night is a big night for women across the state of Missouri...it's the final evening of competition for the Miss Missouri USA and Miss Missouri Teen USA pageant and it's being held right here in Region 8.

The city of Poplar Bluff is hosting the pageant this year at the Black River Coliseum and has been preparing for the event for months.

"We were very happy that we were selected as the host city because you know what, everybody knows who we are this year," said Melody Warren of the Poplar Bluff Chamber of Commerce.

As Poplar Bluff puts itself on the map with the Miss Missouri USA pageants...the city will also gain from the impact of the events.

"It stands to bring in about 100 contestants, each of whom will bring seven or eight people with them, so we are looking at as many as 1,000 people coming to town and  a lot of economic benefits," said Chamber interim director John Stanard.

Poplar Bluff hosted the pageant in '02, '03 and '04 and chamber officials say they knew the $20,000 the city would spend to put on the show would pay off.

"The immediate impact will be the service stations, the quick stops, hotels and the restaurants, but the spin-offs from that in other retail, that's the tough part to ascertain but we know that all those dollars turn around many times in the community," said Stanard.

"We have a great venue.  The Black River Coliseum is just an impressive building in itself. Everybody is very friendly here and caters to them; there are plenty of places to eat.  There is plenty to do here with the museums, the rivers and the lake. There is plenty to do to entertain and it's a beautiful time of the year," said Warren.

And whether or not pageant owner Donald Trump will drop by, that's still to be determined.

"He's invited, that's all we are able to say at this point. We would certainly be welcome, we would like to be able to show Donald Trump Poplar Bluff," laughed Stanard.