Closer Look: Supporters of the WM3

With the recent developments in the case surrounding the West Memphis Three, support for Damien Echols, Jesse Misskelley, and Jason Baldwin continues to grow.

"People relate to it on a human level. It could be anyone. Anyone could be deemed unconventional," said Alice Leeds who is over public relations for the West Memphis Three defense.

Alice Leeds is over public relations for the West Memphis Three and says much of the support comes from likenesses we all have.

"These were vulnerable people and we all have those vulnerabilities and can relate to that," said Leeds.

For that reason every year thousands of people gather around the country for rallies in support of the West Memphis Three.

"We are locking people up now without trial. Both citizens and non-citizens," said a Supporter at a rally this past summer in Marion.

For 14 minutes supporters stood in silence to represent the years that the WM3 had been locked up.

But the support also stretches deep into the pocketbook of America.

Fundraising has become a major effort.

"Without these fundraising efforts, small and larger, we could not do what we do. We would not have the money to pay for the level of legal council we have or to have all of the DNA tested," said Leeds.

And technology that wasn't available in 1994 is now playing a major role in this case, all together. Websites like have given supporters an outlet to view the latest on the three, as well as network with other supporters.

And it's the information age we live in that has informed the world, and changed the way the country views those convicted of murder in 1994.

"When they are made aware that there has been a wrongful act. They rally around those folks that have been the target of that," said Leeds.

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