Jonesboro Health Screening Indicates 60 Percent of Population at Moderate to High Risks

JONESBORO, AR - The Delta Regional Authority (DRA) released a report today which showed that of the 233 Jonesboro area residents who participated in a recent DRA-sponsored Hometown Health Fair screening, 60 percent were at moderate to high health risk.

The screenings were conducted as part of Healthy Delta, a program created by the DRA to combat the devastating effects of diabetes in the Delta region.  Diabetes affects nearly 246 million people globally, including 21 million children and adults in the U.S., and now has been recognized by the United Nations as a health risk to familes and countries around the world.

Out of the screening participants in the high-risk category, 20 percent were found to have four or more significant health risk factors.  Of those screened, 40 percent were in the "moderate risk" category with three to four risk factors.