Huntsville Teacher Kills Raccoon with Nail Gun for "Skinning Demonstration"

HUNTSVILLE, AR - A Huntsville High School teacher killed a raccoon with a nail gun Friday after discovering the planned subject of a skinning demonstration was alive.

Superintendent Alvin Lievsay says a student's parent promised to bring a raccoon for the exercise, but surprised agriculture teacher Jerick Hutchinson by bringing the animal in a live trap.  Lievsay says Hutchinson took the animal outside to the back of his truck and shot it with the nail gun.  Lievsay says no students witnessed the raccoon's death.

Hutchinson used the dead raccoon to demonstrate how to skin the animal and to examine the contents of its stomach.  Lievsay says only one student asked not to attend the skinning.

Lievsay says school officials later talked with Hutchinson and told him animals should not be killed on school grounds.  The superintendent says Hutchinson also would provide more detailed lesson plans in the future.

The superintendent added that Hutchinson does a good job, and that the students enjoy his classes.

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